Toast, Egg, Beacon
Omelette, Scramble Eggs
BBQ Pork/Chicken Rice…

Coffee, Fruit Juice
Starting up your beautiful day! 


Western, Thai, Khmer
Dishes Hot From The Kitchen.
Spaghetti, Curry, Amok, Salad…

Mix Fruits Salad, Smoothie
Cool Drinks, to make a refresh!


Starter, Main Course, Dessert
Burger, Fish and Chips, Sandwich
PangNang Curry, LokLak, Pad KraPao…

Pancake, Fruits Shake, Fruits Juice
Cocktail, Beers, Soft Drinks

Local and expate favorite

Pineapple Fried Rice

(Chicken, Pork or Tofu, Beef or Seafood )

AFish & Chips

Fish fillet and home made chips.

Sipcy Fried Rice

(Chicken, Pork or Tofu, Beef or Seafood )

Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad

Fried Cashew Nuts

(Chicken, Pork or Tofu, Beef or Seafood )

Steak Salad

Pepper Steak Salad


Fish, Chicken or Tofu Amok


Chicken, Classic, Beef, Hawaiian, Vegetarian Burger

- Vegetarian Friendly -

Vegetarian Option available

Most of our menus serve with vegetarian option, you can customize your meals with egg, tofu or completely vegetarian.

Amok, LokLak, Panang Curry, they go well with Tofu.



is one of our product, we have variety of fresh fruits, cold fruit shake and other drinks.

We share our love with the environment, by offering the choice of our eco-packing for take out food.

we use banana and lotus leaf from the local



Our Special-Offer

Crispy Chicken Burger

Only $1,50

Every Saturday and Sunday.

Draft Beer $0,75


We would love to hear about your experience with our small restaurant.

Feel free to drop any inquiries

get in

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Nick Restaurant
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Thong RathanaThong Rathana
12:24 04 Dec 23
My favorite restaurant
06:38 04 Dec 23
Not a bad place at all____________Food  |Saw the reviews on the crispy chicken burger, and had to order, the menu even recommends this so its got to be good right?Honestly, yeah it was pretty good, not blow my socks off good but it was a good burger, nice proportion of meat to veg, with a nice sauce to flavour the whole meal. The fries felt homemade and turned out to be quite nice. Something I would recommend for a fairly cheap meal.____________Service  |Service was decent. Nice friendly smile, quick ordering, and even made light conversation in a friendly manner. Happy with the service.____________Atmosphere  |Its quite a nice vibe, definitley a restaurant vibe, dim lights, gives it a quiet feel and really lets you relax whilst eating. They own a cute dog too who is super friendly, definitely added a star from that alone.____________Good place, not amazing but the quality to price ratio is good.
01:21 01 Dec 23
It seems to be a popular restaurant with foreign customers, and there were a lot of customers in the store. The chicken amok was like a curry with coconut milk and it was delicious mixed with rice. The stir-fried Morning Glory was good, with not a spicy sauce.The menu prices are good, so you can eat a full meal for around $3-6.
david edavid e
11:58 26 Nov 23
Humble family run business that delivers.Food is top quality. Lots of western choices (Awesome bacon & avacodatoastie,) Good local menu too, (Best green Curry) Ridiculously cheap. Pleasant friendly service.
We waited for soup for an hour. Lok varnish 45 minutes. Horror. Delivery is faster. The dishes are delicious. But I was outraged that they made a dish for their guest before they did for us. Although he arrived later than us… I ordered lok lak with fried rice, they gave me regular rice and for some reason it was spicy 🙁
Patryk DomagałaPatryk Domagała
06:17 21 Nov 23
Very nice please. Kind, friendly stuff. Good food for good price. Not many tourists, kind of “local vibe”. 🙂
justine griffithsjustine griffiths
03:32 17 Aug 23
Love this little restaurant so much, visited 3 times. Got great veggie/vegan options, most Asian dishes can be done with tofu (which is always a big plus). Food is reasonably priced and good portion sizes, friendly staff working there and a wonderful little dog named Sunny. Highly recommend this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner
Bex McKBex McK
13:16 01 Aug 23
Great food and good prices! The younger woman that served us each time was awesome. She spoke perfect English and could easily amend an order if need be. She was very welcoming and friendly. I saw a lot of regulars would eat here too. We mainly ate the noodle and rice dishes, they do really nice tropical fruit too. Give their dog lots of attention if you go there.
BT 10BT 10
12:35 07 Jul 23
Small, cozy spot that looks basic from the outside but it hides some pleasant surprises.First being their portion, which was very generous…meant for sharing or a hungry monster. They’re not stingy with the ingredients too, and front and back service was prompt. Price is comparable to all other eateries. Like most places here, there’s just fan (no AC) but the setting is comfy to enjoy a tasty meal.
16:08 05 Apr 23
Absolutely delicious with great prices, portions, and customer service~ we tried a lot of other restaurants in town and Nick’s was by far the best. We ended up eating here almost every day of our trip! And they have a cute dog 🙂
Cecily Reeves-JonesCecily Reeves-Jones
16:13 01 Jun 22
Great food, great price! We visits Nick Restaurant a couple of times as it was close to our hotel. The food was a great price, and although it could take a little while to come out, worth the wait. The $1.50 crispy chicken burger is a must at weekends. We also had Khmer food and sandwiches, all of which we really enjoyed. The staff are friendly and there’s also a really cute dog! Thanks 🙂
Kenny GKenny G
10:45 29 May 22
What do you get when you combine a genuinely nice owner with tasty food? A memorable dining experience in Siem Reap in an otherwise dodgy area. Best grilled cheese and home cooked fries I’ve had in ages. Will start plowing through the menu upon my return. Recommended!
Sam CambodiaSam Cambodia
09:27 23 Apr 22
Today I would like to bring you all to know more about Nick Restaurant. NICK RESTAURANT is a family style business, which is located on Sok San road. They’re serving Authentic Khmer Foods, Thai foods and Western Food. Nick Restaurant is Vegetarian friendly as well.Every weekend, there’s special offer on Crispy Chicken Burgers for 1.5$ only ☺️☺️.They most selling drinks at our store are fresh fruits juice and fresh fruit milk shake. 🍌🍎🍉 🥭🥑🍍🍊🥥And through every of your take away orders, we’re adding an option of Eco-Friendly packaging, by using lotus leaves to pack the food, less plastic and save environment. 🍃🌏
Baby PandaBaby Panda
18:47 22 Apr 22
I love the pineapple fried rice from Nick restaurant! Must definitely try!And the Tom yum soup was also good.Packaging it with a certain leaf was a good touch! It kept the pineapple fried rice quite hot until it’s reached its destination!It’s quite unfortunate that when we ordered this one time that there was one person in the kitchen and preparing the meals. We ordered so much… I hope the owner gets a bit more staff to help around.
Vagabond MickVagabond Mick
03:29 03 Apr 22
I’ve always had a great meal at Nick Restaurant.Food is of great quality and very inexpensive. food is prepared fresh so sometimes there’s a little wait before your food arrives, but, it’s well worth it.

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